Perra de Nadie

Lili is a hound because a hound is born, not made.


Someone may notice, and rightly so, that the hound is one of the first domestic animals, which was very useful for hunting. And let’s think, today, there are no hounds of anyone.
Because of a hound, if it is «no one,» is no use, not for anyone. Well, they do exist, yes! Moreover, they are essential in their uselessness …

There, in the depths of each of you, in the underworld of lack of protection, of madness, of tenderness and pure fragility, inhabit Lili and his night watchmen.
Perra de nadie, dormant and dormant, is in our world where they sprout their endearing immensities.

«Lili is alone, as she was twenty years ago, in other places like Violeta (Aiguardent) and Claudel (Blanc d’Ombra).» Lili is a hound, because a hound is born, not made.

Artistic card

Creation: Marta Carrasco
Interpretation: Marta Carrasco
Direction: Marta Carrasco, Pep Cors, Antoni Vilicic
Scenography: Marta Carrasco
Night watchmen: Dominique
Costume: Pau Fernández y Cía. Marta Carrasco
Urban coreograph: Albert Hurtado
Lights: Quico Gutiérrez
Soundtrack: Marta Carrasco
Sound: Joan Valldeperas
Photography: David Ruano
Technical production: Antoni Vilicic


Marta Carrasco shakes the Sismògraf with ‘Perra de Nadie’

The emotional bomb arrived at Sismògraf, the dance festival of Olot, with the heartbreaking and brilliant spectacle of Marta Carrasco Perra de Nadie

Carmen del Val

Periodista, EL PAIS

Marta Carrasco subjugate at the Grec festival with her ‘Perra de nadie

Magnificent in her latest theater/dance show, Perra de nadie, a cruel, tender, poetic and grotesque piece where she brings together the different women she has incarnated throughout her long professional career.

Carmen del Val

Periodista, EL PAIS


Marta Carrasco Llovet, invited by the Foundation of the SGAE in Madrid, becomes part of the 4 members of the jury of the 1st edition of DanzaeÑe 2017 to promote and internationalize the dance of our country.


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