No sé si...

We are non-identical sisters and lifelong.


We are non-identical twin sisters for life. More sisters than friends? More friends than sisters? What looking for, my sister? Love, death, redemption, revenge, reinterpretation, metaphor? Are you looking for the memory of recollections? What words must be untied? How will we use our hands?
Do you arrive grotesque, wild… or kind? I haven’t just… What are you seeking, my sister? I, in all honesty. don’t really know. I don’tWhat are you seeking, my sister?
I, in all honesty. don’t really know. I don’t know if I should love. I don’t know if I should hate. I don’t know if I should confuse, want to confuse. I don’t know if I confuse the world and the people who inhabit it. Or if the world confuses me. Perhaps the greatest magic would be to play. The playful perspective.
Let’s seek this. Sister, the lights are going out. Let’s risk it all But one thing, a ssecretbefore we start…


Schiller: ‘Human beings are only human when they play; human beings only play when they are free’

artistic card

Creation: Marta Carrasco
Cast: Marta Carrasco y Alberto Velasco
Scenography: Marta Carrasco, Pau Fernández, Pep García, Darío Aguilar
Lighting: Quico Gutiérrez
Musical management: José Antonio Gutiérrez
Wardrobe and make-up: Cía. Marta Carrasco y Pau Fernández
Technical manager: Toño Vladimir
Sound Technician: Joan Valldeperas
Photography: David Ruano
Production: Salometa SL
Executive production: Rosa Isart
Coproduction: Centre d’Arts Escèniques de Terrassa (CAET)
Colab with production: Festival Temporada Alta
With the support of: CoNCA-Generalitat de Catalunya, Institut Ramon Llull, INAEM-Ministerio de Cultura
Aprox length: 60min
Special Thanks: CCVV (Centre cultural Vilanova del Vallès), Pep Bou S.L., Ca l’Estruch.

The company of Marta Carrasco is a resident company of CCVV

The company has been punctual resident in Ca l’Estruch for light design of this show.

A production of CAET and Salometa SL

With the support of:


Twins in trouble!
A more intimate and minimalist, but not less incisive or provocative, a touching, playful and vitalistic show. It holds us tightly to the armchair for its visual intensity, originality and flawless execution: ten out of ten! Joyful wink to life. As it should be. Do not miss it as soon as you get to Barcelona.
Rosli Ayuso

Periodista, El Mundo, 14/10/2011

Happy meeting with Marta Carrasco

Of the whole show of the TNT Festival, we must emphasize, without a doubt, the show No se si, by Marta Carrasco. The play, which premiered on Saturday night, in Alegría, sparked off the ovations of the spectators, many of the followers of this outstanding dancer who has won the aforementioned National Dance Award of Catalunya in 2005. No se si runs in the blink of an eye. Marta Carrasco performs a dance speech full of surprises.

Mercè Boladeras

Periodista, Diari de Terrassa, 04/10/2011, pàg. 11


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