it never ends.


J’arrive …! in French, it means I’m coming, I’m arriving. I’ve been running for over 10 years.

In J’arrive …! there is much of everything we have said throughout these 10 years, but said from today.

J’arrive …! is a point and apart, the end of a cycle, but not an endpoint why it is never reached. It is to keep running.

Do women have souls?
Do the Indians have souls?
Do animals have souls?
Always this discussion
when the question, for me,
would be:
Who has a soul and who does not?
Marta Carrasco has,
Carrasco has a soul.

I believe in the soul.
The body is, without a doubt,
an expression of the soul.

As the face is also.
Soul, body, heart, break,
life, sad eyes, tenderness,
mockery, fight, surrender,
laughter, loneliness.

In 10 years … J’arrive …!

Carme Portaceli

artistic card

Creation: Marta Carrasco
Direction: Marta Carrasco, Carme Portaceli
Cast: Marta Carrasco, Adrián Devant, Carme González, Xavi Sáez, Cristina Sirvent
Scenography: Lluís Danés
Director’s assistant: Tays Sampablo
Lighting: Quico Gutiérrez
Musical management: José Antonio Gutiérrez


Marta Carrasco finishes with her latest production, J’arrive … !, her two-year residency at the Teatre Nacional, obtaining one of the best grades. This is supported, above all, by the complicit response of an audience to whom it no longer matters whether the Carrasco dances or plays; what matters to you is what tells you and how you tell it. His visual cabaret, sometimes enigmatic, gutted or touching, and all at the same time, but always fascinating, with its staggering staging was repeated in J’arrive …!

Rosli Ayuso

Periodista, El Mundo, 29/06/2006

The work is an intense tour of the choreographic work of Marta Carrasco. This journey is marked by obsession and seduction, two elements that the author uses with intelligence. J’arrive …! captive from the beginning. The interventions of the dancer and choreographer, almost always alone, are of great impact. Since his incarnation with Camille Claudel in Blanc d’Ombra, his gesture and his gaze are marked by this character. To this passionate image is added its beauty and sensuality, which in this show expresses to the maximum.

Carmen del Val

Periodista, El País, 01/07/2006


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