¿why i should laught?


 With the laugh, the muscles of the thorax and abdomen relax and contract very rapidly; a total of 400 muscles are employed. The diaphragm mores, eyes nose, and mouth become lubricated, the belly shakes, the liver vibrates, adrenaline is released and body chemicals liter serotonin or endorphins are activated.

One fine day, or night rather, a few strange individuals with defects and without noses, met up and founded Ga-Ga, a place to live in, a place in
which to show the best of their art.

And although they stumble, they try they bustle around, setting up and taking down the stage set, fall apart, tall out, lose their rouge, find it
again…Everyone has an obsession: laughter. Laughter as oxygen, laughter as food. Lou, Mirandolina, Marguit andMarguet need laughter in order to live. But the motives run out…

artistic card

Creation: Marta Carrasco
Cast: Marta Carrasco, Carme González, Xavi Sáez, Cristina Sirvent, Cristóbal Suárez
Director’s assistant and texts: Tays Sampablo
Ilumination: Ignasi Camprodón
Musical direction: José Antonio Gutiérrez


The hallucinated cabaret of Dr. Carrasco

Marta Carrasco is doctor cum laude with Ga-gà, a peculiar cabaret whose dramatic structure fits perfectly to that technique of succession of living paintings of great plasticity that Carrasco used and uses. The characters of Ga-gà are imperfect, strange beings of a hallucinated cabaret to which one can not be approached with reason or understanding. Ga-gà is a process of almost perfect suggestion that demands an open attitude to the viewer insofar as it comes from the unconscious of the creator and is directed to that of the viewer.

Santiago Fondevila

Periodista, La Vanguardia, 16/06/2005

Farándula of excellence

Marguit, Marguet, Lou, Mirandolina and Nunó are characters of flesh and blood, close to all of us, very close to all our weaknesses and shortcomings. Nunó, the conductor of the show, the presenter, and teacher of this wonderful stage ceremony, laughs with his forced grimace, with his constant interpellations to the public, in a tragicomic gesture prearranged by despair, but sometimes touching my hand, my hand…

In an incessant run and draw curtains, makes appear the rest of characters that engulf those who come to them, who eat their noses, which twist, grow and decrease, whose food is assisted by a drop to a creepy picture. The appearance of the most poetic of the vaginas, an organism full of life and intentions, clitoris included, is overwhelming. The workplaces the trajectory of Marta Carrasco to a level of excellence difficult to overcome.

Rosali Ayuso

Periodista, El Mundo, 17/06/2005

A magnificent and exciting show

Ga-gà is a magnificent intimate setting, steeped in humor and emotion. Ga-gà is not a dance show. Nor does theater dance. Maybe we could talk about the theater of movement or gesture or theater of the senses.

Carrasco starts with Jacques Brel and places us in the metaphor of an old fair hut in which several physically imperfect beings exhibit, with a cruel innocence, their defects. Of this ugliness, Carrasco leaves to illuminate a happy sadness and to present to us the laughter like liberator element.

Carrasco saves to stop the rhythm and reach the heart. These are moments of brutal emotion, more and more present as the work progresses. A pampered and rigorous function. It is a show for sensitive souls.

Gonzalo Pérez d'Olaguer

Periodista, El Periódico, 18/06/2005


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