Dies irae



The essence of the staging is Mozart’s Requiem. Thirteen interpreters undress the liturgy and show without compromise the weakness of the truth. The immortality of music defies any skeptical gaze before the world and invites to say, do and hear the tear of life.

Dies Irae goes beyond a mass of deceased. Devours and obsesses. It invokes the smell of the profane. No truce to the public. It is anger, it is anger, it is impotence, it is fear, irreverence. It’s beauty. It risks. A bet for the greatest of challenges.

The show is staged by thirteen interpreters, six of them, living in Madrid and seven in Barcelona. They are actors, dancers, and singers. The cultural and professional diversity they represent is not the result of chance.

Marta Carrasco seeks in this artistic plurality new conceptual forms of stage work. With this, the director reaches the maximum wealth of his theatrical style.

And it manages to open the border between the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. It is a bet on the concomitance of two substantial realities to this day too distant.

The time has come to give a chance to the work Muto between these two pearls of national scenic talent. Marta Carrasco is committed to the exquisite geographical, professional and conceptual variety of the performing arts.

Dies Irae links Madrid and Barcelona and offers the world the universality of Mozart’s music.

artistic card

Creation: Marta Carrasco
Cast: Alberto Velasco, Montse Rodríguez, Carmen Angulo, Anna Coll, Joan Valldeperas, Mª José Cordonet, Adolfo Simón, Noemí Padró, Raquel Sánchez, Frantxa Arraiza, Asu Rivero, Manuella Marra, Robert González
Scenography: Marta Carrasco, Pau Fernández
Director’s assistant: Tays Sampablo
Ilumination: Quico Gutiérrez
Musical direction: José Antonio Gutiérrez
Make-up and dress: Pau Fernández, Rui Alves
Absolut inspiration: Salomé
Photography: David Ruano
Grafic design: Fernando Fernández
Scenography construction: Darío Aguilar
Lights: Toño Vladimir
Sound: Yuri Plana
Regidor: Joan Valldeperas
Tecnic production: Toño Vladimir
Executive production: Noemí García


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