Blanc d'ombra

all about passion


«You are so beautiful it seems you are about to die».
Claude Debussy
Camille Claudel has spent the last thirty years shut up in a sanatorium. For years her furniture has been left in a corner, covered with the white sheets of neglect.
Blanc d’Ombra is a homage to Camile Claudel (French sculptress, 1864-1843). it is about her person,
her character, her strength, and courage, but Blanc d’Ombra is above all about passion


artistic card

Creation: Marta Carrasco
Performed: Marta Carrasco
Direction: Marta Carrasco, Pep Bou, con la colaboración de Òscar Molina
Director’s assistant: Pedro Serka
Coreography’s assistant: Sílvia Garcia Munté
Scenic space: Marta Carrasco

A production by:
Pep Bou Produccions

· Butaca award (public award) 1999
· Critics award de Los Ángeles 2004


Marta Carrasco put the audience at his feet.

All the public standing up celebrated the premiere of their splendid Blanc d’Ombra at the Sitges International Theater. Dance or theater, in fact, it does not matter how you define it when the result is of the extreme quality of Blanc d’Ombra. A spectacle that delves into the life and personality of Camille Claudel, the woman August Rodin vampirizó appropriating his work and ended up in the asylum.

But sadness goes much further, transcending the pure anecdote to end up diving in a deep sea, full of mysteries, mists, wrecks, crosses the life and memory of a woman in love.
What matters is the evocative capacity of the images that Marta Carrasco creates with her body, the gesture, the movement until reaching the plastic images overwhelming. But above all, it is her, her movement, her enormous capacity to communicate emotions that fills the stage.

Pablo Ley

Periodista, El País, 13/06/1998

Plastic in movement.

The result of Carrasco’s show is of a sensual, sensual texture, full of paradoxes, and for this same reason, exciting and rich. There is a brutal ability to provoke emotions in Carrasco’s work. There is a lot of plastic beauty. There is also a great interpretation that (re) creates in detail the character of Camille Claudel. In short: this is one of the most cohesive and cohesive dance proposals presented this year.

Joaquim Noguero

Periodista, Avui, 11/11/1998


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